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Repaying Refugee Airfare

Recently I saw a video on YouTube about refugee repayment of the airfare loan.  It’s a good video, which I have embedded below. There are some comments on the YouTube site, but I am bringing it to this blog because of YouTube’s comment space limitations.  They allow up to 500 characters in a comment and […]

Burmese Refugee Reads Dr. Seuss

I was pleased to see this article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper over the weekend: http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/getting-acquainted-with-dr-seuss-ep4dlde-141260183.html It’s about a Burmese refugee named Paw Dow, a Waukesha Literacy Council student, and his tutor, Ed Boss, reading to 2- to 5- year-old children at a day care in Waukesha.  The part that makes this really neat […]

Trouble with “the System”

As you know (if you’ve read previous posts), our two linked refugee families decided to split up nearly two months ago.  Then about a month ago, we finished moving the second of the two into a new apartment. It sounds like that should have been the end of the difficulties.  From the perspective of the […]

Karen Refugee Baptism

This morning was joyful.  Wait, before I go forward, let me take a step back. Some weeks ago we learned that a number of Burmese refugees in our area, including a couple children in a family that we had sponsored would be baptized at a local church.  A week ago we received confirmation that the […]

Welcome to Resettlement Support!

This blog is dedicated to refugee resettlement.  If you are part of the global community involved in resettling refugees from their places of refuge to their new homes, then this is the place for you.  My hope is that this blog becomes a thriving forum for help and advice for those involved in this world-changing […]