10000 Syrian Refugees Stuck At Turkish Border

10000 Syrian Refugees Stuck At Turkish Border
Turkey has so far taken in more than 80,000 Syrians, and all nine Turkish refugee camps along the border are full. Until recently, newcomers were being housed in schools, dormitories or sports centers near the border while Turkish authorities scamper …
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Cars in Jilazun refugee camp torched and vandalized

Cars in Jilazun refugee camp torched and vandalized
A Palestinian vehicle was torched and vandalized Tuesday night in the Jilazun refugee camp north of Ramallah. The slogans “Death to the Enemy,” “Migron price tag,” “Revenge on the Arabs,” and “Freedom for the homeland,” were spray-painted on walls …
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Child mortality at double emergency threshold in South Sudan refugee camp
Yusuf Batil is one of four refugee camps in Maban county, home to more than 100,000 people fleeing fighting in Blue Nile State, just over the border in Sudan. It was set up to relieve pressure on Jamam camp, 52km away, which flooded in June. Mortality …
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Two Gazans injured in Israel airstrike: medics
Hamas policemen inspect a huge crater and debris after an Israeli airstrike on a Hamas security site outside the Bureij Refugee Camp in central Gaza Strip in 2010. Two Palestinians were wounded early Saturday morning, medical sources in the Gaza Strip …
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Congolese man takes to the road to spread awareness about refugees

John Mpaliza set out from his home town of Reggio Emilia in Italy in July and has visited UNHCR in Geneva en route to Brussels in a 1,600 km walk.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

As influx to eastern Lebanon rises, UNHCR tackles shelter challenge

Some 2,200 Syrian refugees arrive in the Bekaa Valley over past week – almost double the recent weekly average.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Almost 64,000 risk the high seas to Yemen in first seven months

The January to July figure was up 30 per cent on the 48,700 recorded in the same period for 2011, which was itself a record year for crossings.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Assam ethnic violence spurs mass exodus, throttles refugee camps

Assam ethnic violence spurs mass exodus, throttles refugee camps
Assam ethnic violence spurs mass exodus, throttles refugee camps. Nearly 80 people have been killed and 400,000 displaced in fighting between Muslims and India's Hindu Bodo tribespeople in Assam, a northeastern state of India, in recent weeks.
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Turkey expands refugee camps
Turkey will open four new camps for Syrian refugees, taking its total capacity for people fleeing the neighbouring country to 120,000. The Turkish disaster management agency said the new camps will accommodate an extra 40,000 people when they open …
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The Plight of Congolese Refugees
Three months after fighting began in the North-Kivu province, the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is saturating the capacity of 'official' refugee camps, and forcing spontaneous settlements to form around Goma. According to United Nations …
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UNHCR says South Sudan refugee health situation alarming

With 170,000 Sudanese refugees now in camps and settlements across South Sudan’s Unity and Upper Nile states, the health situation among this population has become a matter of alarm to us. With the current…
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Unaccompanied children look toward school after ordeal to reach Europe

Nearly 1,500 minors seeking asylum arrived in Belgium without other family members last year, exceeding the capacity of asylum centres.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Refugee outflow into neighbouring countries still growing fast, amid violence in Syria

There has been a further sharp rise in the number of Syrians fleeing to Turkey. Between Tuesday and Wednesday 3500 people crossed into the provinces of Kilis and Hatay, according to local officials. Those…
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Latest Refugee Camp News

Jordan police say probing Syria refugee fire death
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordanian officials say they are investigating the death of a Syrian refugee who died in a fire in Jordan's first refugee camp — the first such incident at the tent city. The man, who was not identified, died on Monday morning …
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Health Situation In South Sudan Refugee Camps Alarming

Health Situation In South Sudan Refugee Camps Alarming
GENEVA — The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR reports aid agencies are racing to reverse the alarming health situation in South Sudan camps. The UNHCR says aid workers are intensifying efforts to bring down the high rates of malnutrition, …
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Tales of Woe From a Congolese Refugee Camp
Kamwenge – When our van pulls up at her compound, Vumiria Kirikwendera's face lights up. She hopes the van has brought her missing children and husband. She smiles as we disembark, but her face quickly turns into a frown. Her children and husband are …
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Mobile counselling helps refugees in Nepal decide their future

UNHCR teams provide information that helps refugee families from Bhutan decide together on whether to seek resettlement to another country.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR reports more Syrian refugees in all neighbouring countries

The population seeking safety reached 146,667 but UNHCR knows there are substantial additional refugees
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Planting the seeds of tolerance in South Africa through soccer

The project is trying to build understanding of refugees in a country where xenophobia has been a recurring problem
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Refugee Camp in Bethlehem Sprouts Green Rooftops

Refugee Camp in Bethlehem Sprouts Green Rooftops
Cramped conditions in the Dheisheh refugee camp of Bethlehem mean that any space – nevermind green space – is difficult to come by. The streets are narrow, families live in small homes and parks and large gardens are unheard of. That, however, hasn't …
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Syria's refugee children cope with trauma of war
ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP, JORDAN—Hani Hamid's older cousin and a friend waited for him outside his home in Daraa, Syria, one morning not long ago, and being a typical 11-year-old, Hani rushed to join them. They were headed out to play and perhaps …
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Syria Conflict: Turkey Refugee Camps Struggle To Cope With 44000 Syrians
KILIS, Turkey, July 25 (Reuters) – Tempers are running short in Syrian refugee camps just inside Turkey, where torrid summer heat and the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan are compounding complaints about living conditions and perceived mistreatment by …
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UNHCR urges Bangladesh to lift NGO ban in south-east

UNHCR is appealing to the Government of Bangladesh to ensure that NGO assistance continues to be provided to unregistered people from Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Last Thursday, three non-governmental organizations…
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Hundreds of Syrians uprooted every day as conflict continues

With no let up in the violence in Syria, more and more people are being forced to abandon their homes to seek safety. Those most difficult to aid – as many as 1.5 million – remain in Syria, uprooted and…
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

High Commissioner Guterres visiting Burkina Faso, calls for more support to Mali refugees

Note to Palais media: You are invited to attend a joint press conference by High Commissioner Antonio Guterres and Assistant Secretary Anne C. Richard on Friday, 03 August in 11:30…
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency