Surviving in Niamey: Malian refugees struggle to get by in the big city

There are some 6,000 urban refugees in the Niger capital, Niamey. UNHCR hopes that a registration exercise will help the agency pinpoint their needs.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

UNHCR calls for calm and access to newly displaced people in Myanmar’s Rakhine state

With the new influx, overcrowded IDP camps are being stretched beyond capacity in terms of space, shelter and basics, including food and water.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

Tuareg gives up good private sector job to help Malian refugees

When Malian families arrived in northern Burkina Faso earlier this year, Ahmid was struck by the number of children. He quit his job so he could help.
UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

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