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Resettlement Project Complete

Our goal, when we go into a refugee resettlement project is to complete the project within 6 months.  In order to consider the resettlement complete means that the family is self-sufficient, at least in the normal, day-to-day tasks, of life in our society.  Usually there are areas of weakness that may need to be attended to […]

Karen Refugee Baptism

This morning was joyful.  Wait, before I go forward, let me take a step back. Some weeks ago we learned that a number of Burmese refugees in our area, including a couple children in a family that we had sponsored would be baptized at a local church.  A week ago we received confirmation that the […]

Team Meeting – WFDC and Blankets

Day 23 Wow, there was a lot happening today… First thing this morning I got a call from one of our co-chairs.  She had gotten a call saying that a wash machine repair person would be at the house at 8:30 this morning, wondering if she could meet him there.  She agreed. She was wondering […]

A Lesson for Us and Progress

Day 21 While unpacking linens that were donated for the family, some napkins were uncovered in the box.  The women in the family were very excited, certainly more excited than we would expect, to see the decorative cloth dinner napkins.  Has it been so long since they’ve had a fine napkin to set on their lap or […]

Refugee Camps and Orientation Meeting

Here’s some background information on the refugee camps in Thailand for the displaced people of Burma, www.tbbc.org.  The Burmese refugees that are settled in our community come from the Mae La, Umpiem Mai, Nu Po, Tham Hin, and Ban Mai Nai Soi camp. Things still moving forward, but slowly so I have combined two days […]

Karenni Cultural Information

Day 7 We picked up a copy of the house lease today with the hopes that the family will sign it tomorrow.  Then we can begin to firm up move in plans. One member of our refugee resettlement team has worked with Burmese refugees for nine years.  She got started at a different church before […]

Refugee Resettlement Case Study

Today I am beginning a resettlement case study.  You are welcome to follow along and comment or question as needed. Tomorrow we will receive two Karenni families from Burma who have been living in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Lutheran Social Services (LSS) has a large number of families arriving over the next few weeks […]