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The ABC’s of Donations

Day 22 All seems well at the family’s house today.  One of our team co-chairs met a member from our church congregation at the house.  This church member has really stepped up to fill in the gaps with donated items.  And, she’s gone above and beyond as well. She brought new toys, books, a couple […]

The Big Event – Move-in Day

Day 19 I really enjoy move-in day.  Actually this is one of my favorite parts of the entire refugee resettlement process.  Picking up at the airport is my other favorite time.  To me these are the big transitional moments. So, move-in day… We arrived at the temporary housing (their relative’s apartment) at about 9:20 this morning.  […]

Final Preparations for Move-in Day

Day 18 The big news today is that we were finally able to get an intake appointment for food and medical assistance!  This will happen next week in a 4 hour-long meeting.  For an average American family going through this process it is expected to be a 2.5 hour meeting.  Throw in an interpreter and […]

Resettlement Team Meeting Two

Day 16 This is the first chance we’ve had to get the resettlement team back together since the family arrived just over two weeks ago.  Even so, we had only a total of 6 people available for the meeting.  We’d usually hope for more, but things are moving forward pretty good, so a small core […]

The Quest for Furnishings

Days 12 to 14 I’m putting several days together as our main activity this week has been the organization of donated goods for the upcoming “move-in-day”.  The majority of the household furnishings are being generously provided by members at our church.  Friends of members as well as other community contacts round out the donation pool. The […]

Signup to Donate Furnishings

Day 6 Today was the first Sunday opportunity to “advertise” our new refugee family to our church congregation.  We’re looking for donations of furniture and household goods, things that we can use to turn an empty house into a comfortable home. A member of our team put together a complete list of furnishings and household […]