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Resettlement Project Coming to a Close

Day 85 Each refugee resettlement effort writes its own story.  This one started off as particularly difficult because we were helping two families simultaneously.  Then, if you’ve read along, you remember that we had some issues moving the families into a house in a community 25 miles away from some of their family members who […]

Is the Electric Company Insane?

Day 24 Yesterday I brought up “the system.”  Sometimes things go suspiciously well.  Sometimes things are completely crazy.  Try on today’s experience with the local electric and gas utility, We Energies. One of our co-chairs placed a call to We Energies this morning to get the electric service switched into the name of the refugee […]

The ABC’s of Donations

Day 22 All seems well at the family’s house today.  One of our team co-chairs met a member from our church congregation at the house.  This church member has really stepped up to fill in the gaps with donated items.  And, she’s gone above and beyond as well. She brought new toys, books, a couple […]

A Lesson for Us and Progress

Day 21 While unpacking linens that were donated for the family, some napkins were uncovered in the box.  The women in the family were very excited, certainly more excited than we would expect, to see the decorative cloth dinner napkins.  Has it been so long since they’ve had a fine napkin to set on their lap or […]

Adjustments and Cultural Lessons

Day 20 One of our co-chairs and her husband went to the family’s house twice today.  First she returned some bedding that she had taken home to wash, and she picked up more blankets to launder later.  Yesterday we believed that the wash machine in the house did not work.  Today the consensus is that […]