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Refugee Employment Sticks This Time

by Bryn Kirk I know I should not hold my breath but I can’t help it.  The father in our Karenni refugee family started a new job last week!  He completed a 40 hour week; 4 ten-hour days Monday through Thursday.  So far so good!  I think I can let my breath out. His job […]

Refugee Employment Options

Since being dismissed from his ever-so-brief temp-to-hire position, the husband/father in our refugee family has run out of options for income.  He must pay $575 a month for his one bedroom apartment.  He currently has $140.00 to his name. Our refugee resettlement funds are used up, the Matching Grant program is finished, and job prospects are thin.  […]

Refugee Employment Setback

I last wrote about the new job for the husband/father in our most recent refugee family.  Unfortunately the job did not stick. The company that was hiring brought in a large number of people to begin employment at the same time.  During the training day, our hopeful employee was permitted to complete the day, but […]

Resettlement Project Complete

Our goal, when we go into a refugee resettlement project is to complete the project within 6 months.  In order to consider the resettlement complete means that the family is self-sufficient, at least in the normal, day-to-day tasks, of life in our society.  Usually there are areas of weakness that may need to be attended to […]

Team Meeting, Matching Grant, Lawn Mowing

Days 31 to 33 8/20 Today we had our third consecutive weekly team meeting.  We always start with a team meeting each week for several weeks.  It’s important to make sure than we’re all on the same page.  Only a few team members were available for the team meeting tonight. 8/21 Today was an important step […]