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The Early Signs of Independence

Day 30 Our education team leader set an appointment for the teenage boy to register for high school next monday.  Great things happen when kids get started in school.  They are generally resilient and can adapt well.  Getting into school accelerates their English learning and helps create friendships. The family made arrangements with someone else to […]

Settling into the Weekend

Days 26 and 27 Several team members involved in minor activities this weekend.  A number of us have been watching the family’s mail for various notices.  We’re still waiting on some social security cards.  They received a “welcome” letter from AT&T.  They received a letter from the Workforce Development Center detailing their initial public benefits. […]

Adjustments and Cultural Lessons

Day 20 One of our co-chairs and her husband went to the family’s house twice today.  First she returned some bedding that she had taken home to wash, and she picked up more blankets to launder later.  Yesterday we believed that the wash machine in the house did not work.  Today the consensus is that […]

Grocery Shopping and House Discussion

Day 8 When I started this blog I expected to be writing about a lot of good details.  Afterall, the refugee resettlement process normally starts with a flurry of activity, hundreds of volunteer hours in the first few weeks. It seems strange how relaxed we’ve been able to be this time around.  I’m sure that […]

Grocery Shopping, Medical, and Surprise

Day 5 One member of our resettlement team took 3 members of our refugee families to a grocery store again today.  Rather than being a typical American grocery store it was an Oriental food mart.  This way they could get some foods that are more familiar to them. They also went to Pick n Save as […]