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Final Preparations for Move-in Day

Day 18 The big news today is that we were finally able to get an intake appointment for food and medical assistance!  This will happen next week in a 4 hour-long meeting.  For an average American family going through this process it is expected to be a 2.5 hour meeting.  Throw in an interpreter and […]

Refugee Camps and Orientation Meeting

Here’s some background information on the refugee camps in Thailand for the displaced people of Burma, www.tbbc.org.  The Burmese refugees that are settled in our community come from the Mae La, Umpiem Mai, Nu Po, Tham Hin, and Ban Mai Nai Soi camp. Things still moving forward, but slowly so I have combined two days […]

Picking Up at the Airport

Day 1 We showed up at the airport about 10 minutes prior to the arrival of our refugee families.  It didn’t take long before we spotted several people carrying IOM bags proceding down the concourse. IOM – check.  Ethnicity – check.  Number of family members – ???.  Yikes!?  There are too many people!  We agreed […]

Refugee Resettlement Case Study

Today I am beginning a resettlement case study.  You are welcome to follow along and comment or question as needed. Tomorrow we will receive two Karenni families from Burma who have been living in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Lutheran Social Services (LSS) has a large number of families arriving over the next few weeks […]