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More than 10,000 Somalis flee coastal city of Kismayo, fearing fighting

The majority are heading to villages in other parts of Kismayo, Jilib and Jamame districts. Some are moving towards Mogadishu or Kenya. UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency

More people are risking lives in the Caribbean to reach safety

UNHCR is very concerned by the loss of life we are seeing in maritime incidents in the Caribbean among people trying to escape difficult conditions in Haiti. On Tuesday July 10, a woman drowned when a… UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR puts priority on health for refugees flooding into South Sudan UNHCR and […]

More than 60 rescued at sea in southern Adriatic

UNHCR welcomes the prompt and efficient action of the Croatian Coast Guard yesterday (2nd July) in rescuing 65 people adrift on a boat in the Adriatic. The boat was spotted drifting off the Croatian island… UNHCR | The UN Refugee Agency