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Trouble with “the System”

As you know (if you’ve read previous posts), our two linked refugee families decided to split up nearly two months ago.  Then about a month ago, we finished moving the second of the two into a new apartment. It sounds like that should have been the end of the difficulties.  From the perspective of the […]

Refugee Moving Day – the sequel

Move #4… Every resettlement brings about different issues.  Each becomes its own story.  Each varies somehow in its outcome. Our current resettlement case is still underway.  We’re more than 3 months in at this point and we’ve reached an interesting milestone… 4 moves.  That is we’ve moved the family, or parts of the family, into […]

Resettlement Project Coming to a Close

Day 85 Each refugee resettlement effort writes its own story.  This one started off as particularly difficult because we were helping two families simultaneously.  Then, if you’ve read along, you remember that we had some issues moving the families into a house in a community 25 miles away from some of their family members who […]

Refugees Make Their Own Decisions

Day 11 The plan and reality did not quite mesh today.  There is a great lesson in this.  Every refugee family is led by at least one adult.  Adults are allowed to make their own decisions. What happened, you ask?  The intention for today was to get the family out to sign a lease for […]