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Team Meeting, Matching Grant, Lawn Mowing

Days 31 to 33 8/20 Today we had our third consecutive weekly team meeting.  We always start with a team meeting each week for several weeks.  It’s important to make sure than we’re all on the same page.  Only a few team members were available for the team meeting tonight. 8/21 Today was an important step […]

Team Meeting – WFDC and Blankets

Day 23 Wow, there was a lot happening today… First thing this morning I got a call from one of our co-chairs.  She had gotten a call saying that a wash machine repair person would be at the house at 8:30 this morning, wondering if she could meet him there.  She agreed. She was wondering […]

Resettlement Team Meeting Two

Day 16 This is the first chance we’ve had to get the resettlement team back together since the family arrived just over two weeks ago.  Even so, we had only a total of 6 people available for the meeting.  We’d usually hope for more, but things are moving forward pretty good, so a small core […]