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Refugee Employment Sticks This Time

by Bryn Kirk I know I should not hold my breath but I can’t help it.  The father in our Karenni refugee family started a new job last week!  He completed a 40 hour week; 4 ten-hour days Monday through Thursday.  So far so good!  I think I can let my breath out. His job […]

Refugee Employment Options

Since being dismissed from his ever-so-brief temp-to-hire position, the husband/father in our refugee family has run out of options for income.  He must pay $575 a month for his one bedroom apartment.  He currently has $140.00 to his name. Our refugee resettlement funds are used up, the Matching Grant program is finished, and job prospects are thin.  […]

Is the Electric Company Insane?

Day 24 Yesterday I brought up “the system.”  Sometimes things go suspiciously well.  Sometimes things are completely crazy.  Try on today’s experience with the local electric and gas utility, We Energies. One of our co-chairs placed a call to We Energies this morning to get the electric service switched into the name of the refugee […]

Team Meeting – WFDC and Blankets

Day 23 Wow, there was a lot happening today… First thing this morning I got a call from one of our co-chairs.  She had gotten a call saying that a wash machine repair person would be at the house at 8:30 this morning, wondering if she could meet him there.  She agreed. She was wondering […]