Online Book Launch

This Tuesday, November 29, is the official “online book launch” of 10 Million To 1.  By ordering a copy of the book from Amazon on this date you will be joining many others.  Together we can make an impact by creating a spike in sales.

I am in the midst of a nationwide publicity campaign.  A surge in book sales can be used to help get more positive media attention on refugees and refugee resettlement.  Greater awareness means more potential volunteers to help refugees.  More volunteers means more refugees can transition to self-sufficiency faster.

And, by “self-sufficiency” I mean that they are contributing members of society.  They get jobs, become productive, buy products and services from local businesses, pay taxes.  They fit in.  And then, one day, they become citizens of this great land.

While there are 11 agencies in the U.S. that are officially designated to help refugees, I believe the volunteers can make a HUGE difference.  We’re the people on ground, helping with the day-to-day transition from refugee camp to normal life.

You make a difference!

When you buy a book on November 29 from Amazon you will receive additional bonuses; useful in resettlement, business, and life.  Visit for details.  The “Get Bonuses” button will only be visible for a limited time so take a look now.

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